Employee remote work experience survey results available online

When President Pitney announced the post-COVID long-term remote work project, she noted the importance of the UA community providing feedback and input into creating long-term guidelines for greater workplace flexibility, including hybrid and remote work. 

One opportunity for providing feedback was the employee experience survey. The survey was developed by the Transition Monitoring Team with feedback from the Project Team. The survey was sent to 7,460 employees on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. The survey was open until 7p.m. on Friday, May 7, 2021. 

The questions gathered information for use by the project teams to gauge the interest in remote work opportunities, understand how the university can help support employees with equipment and remote worksite support needs, assess the challenges and successes of remote work arrangements, and learn about reservations and concerns of employees. Details of the results can be found on the project website

More than 1,400 employees responded, roughly a 20 percent response rate, with staff comprising 71 percent of the respondents. About 95 percent of all respondents worked, to some degree, from a remote location, of which more than half were working remotely 100% of the time. 

Some key initial findings include:

  • 92.27% of the total respondents preferred to have some degree of remote work in the post-pandemic environment;
  • 36.76% said the lack of long-term remote work might cause them to look for another position;
  • 42.57% of the respondents said having flexible work hours is necessary in order to maintain work/life balance.

The results of the survey will help to guide all the teams involved in this project as they move forward, with regard to specific employee concerns and interests identified within the survey results. 

More information, communications, a feedback form and updates on regulations under review can be found on the project website.