UA Confidential Hotline


The UA Confidential Hotline was implemented in early FY15.  The hotline is a system-wide mechanism for receiving tips on risks and issues that could jeopardize the University of Alaska’s financial health, safety or reputation.  It is available for anyone to use via toll-free telephone and web intake. Please help spread the news at your location about the hotline to ensure the information is available to those who may need it now or in the future.

Some ideas to consider for promoting the hotline:

  • Incorporate into training and new employee orientation materials
  • Forward the hotline information below to campus personnel
  • Include the hotline image and URL link on the websites of campus departments and publications
  • Include the hotline image, URL and toll-free phone number on the back side of business cards
  • Click here for a PDF of the 8-1/2” x 11 “ hotline poster

About the new University of Alaska Confidential Hotline

  • Use for reporting critical, high-risk violations at the University of Alaska.
  • Use when an individual believes he or she cannot use regular processes for reporting, perhaps, for example, due to concerns of retaliation.
  • Provides an option for the reporting party to remain anonymous. The reviewer can still conduct dialog with an anonymous reporter if further details are needed.
  • A best practice tool for emphasizing the University of Alaska’s commitment to efficient use of resources and regulatory compliance.
  • The hotline is not for reporting emergencies. Employees and members of the university community must call 911 for emergencies that would result in imminent harm or danger.
  • Confidentiality is fundamental to the hotline concept. Hotline website FAQs describe confidentiality limits. See the EthicsPoint website .
  • The hotline is an additional intake tool for receiving reports of suspected waste, fraud, abuse, violations of policies, and other critical high-risk violations. The hotline does not replace UA processes for internal follow-up on allegations. As much as possible, people normally assigned to follow up on issues will continue to follow established procedures.

Examples of issues to report using the UA Confidential Hotline

For complete list, see EthicsPoint

Accounting and Financial
Fraud, theft, waste or other financial misconduct

NCAA compliance or rules violations issues

Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Including bias incidents and EEOC or ADA matters, Title IX

HIPAA, healthcare fraud, insurance issues

Human Resources
Time or benefits abuse, employee misconduct, retaliation

Information Security
Data privacy/integrity, malicious use of technology

Export controls, animal or human research issues, misappropriation of funds

Risk and Safety Matters
Unsafe working conditions, environmental issues or other safety matters, protection of minors

Need to file a report using the hotline?

Web Intake


Toll-free telephone


Have questions or would like more information?  Visit the hotline website at EthicsPoint

Contact Nikki Pittman, Chief Audit Executive, at or 450-8094.

Alaska Whistleblower Act AS39.90.100-150

The University of Alaska complies with the State of Alaska Whistleblower Act.  For more information, see: