Statewide Office of Audit and Consulting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Audit and Consulting Services do?

I’ve been notified of an upcoming audit, now what?

Will an auditor show up at my department unannounced?

Are auditors looking for fraud when performing audits?

Will the auditor discuss findings with me before reporting them?

How long do audits and consulting engagements take?

Who receives copies of the final audit report?

Who makes up the Audit Committee and what is their role?

What is the audited unit’s responsibility once the audit report is issued?

Why am I contacted about follow-up activities when less than a year ago you were conducting the audit?

How do you select what to audit?

What kinds of audits do you do?

As a unit head, how do I request audit or consultation services?

What if I suspect fraud, waste or abuse, or need to report an allegation of such?

What about confidentiality?

How long should University records be maintained?

Why do we need effective internal controls?

Who is responsible for internal controls?

Why should I be concerned about risk and internal controls?

What are business risks?

How do I ensure that duties are properly segregated for a small department?

Are there any other auditors that I might encounter at the university?

Does Audit and Consulting Services work with the external auditors?

Are internal auditors University of Alaska employees?

Does anyone audit the auditor?

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