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Log of Actions

A full log of actions for the current year can be viewed HERE

Coalition of Student Leaders



Resolution 2017-01 - Restoring Funding to the University of Alaska State Legislative Internship Program
Resolution 2017-02 - In Opposition of the President's Proposal to Consolidate to One College of Education 
Resolution 2017-03 - Embracing Unity across the University of Alaska
Resolution 2017-04 - In Support of the Alaska Higher Education Investment Fund, Alaska Performance Scholarship, and Alaska Education Grant
Resoltuion 2017-05 - Recognizing Indigenous Peoples' Day throughout the University of Alaska

Resolution 2016-01 - Condolences to Umpqua Community College
Resolution 2016-02 - Recommendation on Tuition
Resolution 2016-03 - Alaska Native Studies GER
Resolution 2016-04 - Campus Safety Course
Resolution 2016-05 - Opposing SB 208
Resolution 2016-6 - In Appreciation of Mathew Carrick
Resolution 2016-07 - In Appreciation of Callie Conerton

Resolution 2015-01 - Establishing a Committee for Responsible Investment
Resolution 2015-02 - UA Scholars

Resolution 2014-01 Sharon Carter Appreciation 3-7-14
Resolution 2014-02 on SB 176/HB 335 "An Act relating to the regulation of firearms and knives by the University of Alaska" 3-7-14
Resolution 2014-03 Jarmyn Kramlich Appreciation 4-30-14
Resolution 2014-04 Title IX Training 12-1-14


Faculty Alliance



Resolution 2017-01 - Concerning Student Placement into Required Composition Courses
Resolution 2017-02 - Regarding Strategic Pathways at the University of Alaska
Resolution 2017-03 - Regarding College of Education Consolidation at the University of Alaska 
Resolution 2017-04 - Support for Writing Community of Practice Recommendations
Resolution 2017-05 - Support for Alaska Native Studies General Education Requirement
Resolution 2017-06 - Establishment of a Common Calendar Committee
Resolution 2017-07 - Regarding the Statewide System Office at the University of Alaska

Resolution 2016-01 GER Coordination Task Force
Resolution 2016-02 Regarding Senate Bill 174

Resolution 2014-01 Concerning Alignment of Mathematics
Resolution 2014-02 Concerning Alignment of English
Resolution 2014-03 General Education Requirements Coordination Task Force
Resolution 2013 Dec on the Tution Waiver Benefit with Response from President Gamble 1-9-2014

Memos and Recommendations

Summit Team Membership - Aug. 23, 2016
Faculty Alliance Recommendations for Strategic Pathways - Sept. 9, 2016
Single Accreditation v. Three Separate Accreditations - Nov. 1, 2016
Faculty Governance Nominations for Strategic Pathways Phase 3 - Dec. 9, 2016
Improvements to the Common Academic Calendar - Feb. 10, 2017

Staff Alliance



Motion 2016-01 Regarding Step Increases as Part of the Annual Compensation Increase

Motion 2014-01: Furlough Policy and Pres. Gamble's Response 10-10-14
Motion 2014-02: Smoking and Tobacco Policy and Pres. Gamble's Response 11-25-14


Resolution 2017-01 - Proposing Changes to Furlough Leave Language in UA Regulation 04.07.110.D.1
Resolution 2017-02 - Regarding Faculty and Staff Regents at the University of Alaska
Resolution 2017-03 - Regarding Staff Emeritus at the University of Alaska

Resolution 2016-01 - Regarding Revisions to University Regulation 02.09. Public Safety.
Resolution 2016-02 - Opposing SB 174 "An Act relating to the regulation of firearms and knives by the University of Alaska"
Resolution 2016-03 - In Appreciation of Faye Gallant
Resolution 2016-04 - Regarding Review of Layoff or Recall Decision at UA

Resolution 2015-01 Support of Changes to Employee Education Benefits and Layoff Regulations
Resolution 2015-02: Staff Alliance Response to Proposed Changes to R04.06.149 as sent June 25, 2015

Resolution 2014-03-18-  Support of the University of Alaska and the Board of Regents' Position on SB 176 and HB 335 "An Act relating to the regulation of firearms and knives by the Univeristy of Alaska"

Resolution 2013-09-26 Support for Bullying Awareness Training Systemwide and for Use of the Word "Bullying" - Response from President Gamble
Resolution 2013-12-23 Tuition Waiver Benefit - UAA APT Staff Council Resolution - UAA Classified Staff Council Resolution - UAF Staff Council Resolution - UAS Staff Council Resolution - Response from President Gamble 1-9-2014

System Governance Council



Resolution 2016-01 Regarding Offsite Public Testimony at BOR Meetings

Resolution 2014-01-07 Smoke Free/Tobacco Free Campus Initiative - Email Response from President Gamble

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