Board of Regents Meeting Features Budget, Strategic Pathways and Single-Accreditation Discussions

President Johnsen will present additional details at the full meeting of the Board of Regents in Anchorage June 2-3 on next steps for the Strategic Pathways expedited review that will begin in June, as well as seek board approval to begin exploration of single accreditation for the university. Budget reductions from declining state general fund allocations will result in a $75 million reduction to the university's operating budget (including unfunded fixed cost increases) beginning July 1.

These topics will dominate the Thursday agenda. The meeting will be held at the Lee Gorsuch Commons on the UAA campus.

On Friday morning Susan Bell with the McDowell Group will present the results of a privately-funded public opinion survey about public attitudes toward the university, and an update on the impacts the university has on the state's economy. Also to be discussed is an update on student achievement and attainment, and a review of proposed procurement policy changes. The afternoon will include review of updated university Title IX scorecards following a presentation on how the pre-college Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) helps eliminate the need for remedial coursework for participants when they enter the university. Following regular committee updates and consent agenda items, the Board will discuss Board assessment in executive session.

Public testimony will be taken 9:15-10:15 a.m. Thursday, June 2 and 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Friday, June 3.

All meetings of the Board of Regents and its committees, except for executive sessions, are open to the public. Live Stream Online during open session at: www.alaska.edu/oit/services/video-conferencing/streaming-conferences/ Video streaming will be unavailable during executive session.

An agenda will be posted on the Board of Regents website: www.alaska.edu/bor/agendas/

Written testimony may be submitted via email at any time and is shared with the Board and the president: ua-bor@alaska.edu.

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