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Wellness Rebate: How Will It Work?

If you have completed your Personal Health Assessment at Healthyroads.com, and have had your biometric screening done by either your doctor, using the Health Care Provider Form, at an onsite screening or at a local Quest Patient Service Center by June 30, congratulations! You’ve not only taken a big step in increasing awareness of your state of health, you’ve also qualified for the wellness rebate that will be paid out in FY15.

The wellness rebate of $600 for you, and $600 for your spouse/FIP if they completed the PHA and screening, will be paid out in bi-weekly payments or “credits” on your paycheck just like you pay for health insurance. If you’re a 12-month employee, you’ll get 26 credits on your paychecks. If you’re a nine-month employee, you’ll get 19.  MORE...

myTRACK Contest Launches July 15

The Stay on TRACK campaign will launch its third annual myTRACK photo contest on Tuesday July 15 to coincide with UAA New Student Orientation. The contest will run through October 31. By participating in the myTRACK photo contest, UA students are entered into a drawing for two tickets on Alaska Airlines.

In the contest, students post a “selfie,” or self-portrait, to UA’s Facebook contest site indicating with their fingers how many years it will take to earn their degrees. The contest is part of UA’s annual Stay on TRACK campaign, now in its fourth year, which encourages students to take steps graduate quicker and with less debt.

UA’s efforts to encourage full-time students to take additional credits have made a difference. Students who attempted 15 or more credit hours had a higher credit hour completion rate than those who attempted less than 15 credit hours. In the long term, students who attempt and earn at least 15 credit hours a semester perform significantly better than full-time students who take less than 15 credit hours a semester. First-year retention to the second year of college is 23 percentage points greater for students taking 15 credits per semester compared to students taking lighter course loads. And graduation rates among full-time students with heavier loads are impressive--39 percentage points higher (over a 10-year period).

FY14 Personal Holidays Must be Used by June 28

As the fiscal year draws to a close, please note the last day to use any remaining FY14 personal holidays is June 28, 2014.

Office of Records and Information Management Update

We are happy to share with you the latest process efficiency projects in Records and Information Management Office utilizing Enterprise Content Management System OnBase..

  1. Implementing ‘Performance Evaluation’ digital storage/retrieval for Human Resources in OnBase test environment
  2. In consultation with Office of General Counsel to create a process for Consolidating Title 9 Supporting Document
  3. Developing a Digital Document Repository in OnBase for UAF Police Department
  4. Developing digital document infrastructure for Prince William Sound Community College

UA uses OnBase to capture, retrieve, access, integrate, measure and store the information UA receives, creates, uses and maintains pursuant to its activities and mission. The digital document projects help UA to reduce cost, maximize the usage of space and minimize errors.

A Low-Cost “Hotel” Option for Summer—Guest Housing at a UA Campus

By Kate Ripley, UA Public Affairs

It was almost like going back to college, only a lot more spacious and private than when I was an undergraduate.

For the June Board of Regents’ meeting at the University of Alaska Anchorage, I was given the opportunity, along with regents and other staff attending the meeting, to stay in UAA housing. I jumped at the chance, because it would not only save the university money, but also give me, as public affairs director, a window into the world of what our on-campus students experience at UAA.  

I stayed in a unit very close to the Lee Gorsuch Commons, where the board meeting was held. The location was convenient, my room was clean and the staff members at UAA were incredibly friendly, welcoming and happy to have me stay with them.  MORE...

New Travel and Expense Management System for UA

UA is currently implementing a new Travel and Expense Management System, also known as TEM. This expense system will eliminate most of the paper used for staff travel and it will provide a better capture of actual costs for airfare, hotel, per-diem and other expense categories. Delegates (i.e. departmental travel coordinators) and approvers are attending instructor-led training sessions. How-to training videos are also available for all travelers. Check out the UA Travel website at www.alaska.edu/travel for a wealth of information, including all training handouts and videos.
If assistance is needed in TEM, do not hesitate to contact our office at x8050 or via email at ua-finsys@alaska.edu.

Performance Evaluations on all Statewide Employees Due by July 1

Performance Appraisal Form

All employees will be evaluated by July 1 using the new performance appraisal process. Since this is the first look at the new tool, evaluations will be limited mostly to orientation to the form and the establishment of future goals. This new evaluation is developmental. It is designed to help marginal employees become better, good employees to become great, and great employees to become singularly exceptional.

FED EX Pickups (Tip to Save Money)

If you work in the Butrovich Building, use Fed Ex to ship packages for your department and are scheduling your "own pickup" time, you could be saving the Fed Ex driver time and save your department money by utilizing the designated daily drop-off point. 

The daily drop-off point is located in Butrovich Suite 103. Fed Ex picks up each weekday morning at approximately 9:30 a.m. 

When scheduling a shipment online under the "pickup/drop-off section," just choose the option:

  • Use an already scheduled pickup at my location 910 YUKON DR, FAIRBANKS, AK 99775  (if you do not see this, just use the option of Drop off package at a FedEx location)

If everyone brings their Fed Ex envelopes/packages to Suite 103, the pick up charge will be discounted.

SW HR launches new Facebook page

The Office of Human Resources has entered the world of social media with the launch of its Facebook page. We are still learning and would like your input as to what kind of information and communication you would like to see on this page, so feel free to stop by and post or drop us a line at ua-hrsm@alaska.edu.  

You can access our Facebook page (to “Like” us of course) at www.facebook.com/UAHRO. Hope to see you there!

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