Biology majors Hannah Wing, left, Joanna Jagow and Emily Koenig enjoy a snack in front of the MBS complex after their first day of class in fall semester 2013. Photo by Todd Paris

Some wellness rebates disappearing Sept. 5

Employees who did not complete both levels of eligibility will lose the rebate

Some employees may notice a change in their paycheck as of Sept. 5 as wellness rebates expire as a result of final implementation of the UA wellness incentive program. The Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC) in an effort to maintain, encourage, and increase wellness created a voluntary, multi-year wellness incentive program whose first phase ended June 30, 2014.  

Because of delays in vendor contract completion, wellness rebates began in July for all health-plan-covered employees who had a health deduction over the summer. Now that all contracts have been signed and the data has been compiled however, those not completing, or only partially completing, both requirements for the rebate by June 30 will see the rebate discontinued as of the pay of Sept. 5.   

For a rebate of $600 toward single coverage and up to $1,200 for employee plus Spouse or Financially Interdependent Partner (SFP) coverage, this phase required employees covered by health insurance (and SFPs) to log into the HealthyRoads website (our wellness vendor) and complete a confidential questionnaire on the state of their health and wellness. In addition, employees and SFPs were also required to complete routine bloodwork, results of which were then sent securely to HealthyRoads. As part of this initiative, UA sponsored a variety of on-site blood draw programs throughout the state from April through June.

Anyone can view their incentive completion status at the HealthyRoads website (employees should use the single-sign-on link found on the benefits website at www.alaska.edu/benefits ; SFPs should go directly to www.healthyroads.com ). Those who believe they finished both parts of the incentive program despite what the website reports should call their local HR office as soon as possible to review and correct any errors.     

UA College Savings Plan receives top rankings in investment performance

The University of Alaska College Savings Plan’s investment performance ranked among the nation’s top college savings plans in the second quarter of 2014, according to Savingforcollege.com.

The plan was ranked third, second, first and third among 55 direct-sold plans for the one-, three-, five- and 10-year periods respectively. Plans are ranked based on the average percentile rankings in seven asset allocation categories to produce a single combined or "composite" ranking. 

“We are pleased to remain among the top plans,” said Lael Oldmixon, the plan’s director. “The UA College Savings Plan has ranked in the top 10 in at least two of these categories in each of the last five years. We are thrilled to offer this excellent  and nationally recognized college savings option for Alaskans.”   MORE...

UA College Savings Plan announces lower fees in 2015

The UA College Savings Plan announces the following changes taking effect Jan. 1, 2015.

  • Reduced program management fee  The program management fee on all portfolios will be reduced by 35–45 percent. There is no program management fee on the Advanced College Tuition (ACT) Portfolio.
  • Annual fee waiver when you go paperless   Selecting electronic delivery of statements, confirmations and disclosures will be an additional way to waive annual $10 account fee.
  • Lowered minimum contribution amount   The minimum amount for initial and subsequent contributions through the automatic monthly contribution (AMC) program will be reduced to $25.

All Risk Services claims now managed through Anchorage office

Effective Aug. 18, 2014, the Statewide Risk Services claims office has centralized operations in Anchorage and no longer has a claims technician in Fairbanks. As always, we are here to answer any questions or concerns regarding a claim or potential claims against the university on a statewide basis. Please feel free to contact us at our main number 907-786-1140 or toll free at 877-780-7755.

Risk Services, 1815 Bragaw St., Ste. 206, Anchorage, AK  99508 

Brenda Vannoy – UAA & UAS – 907-786-6119 
Daisy Saffir – UAF –907-786-1716

Ebola in the news

Travelers to countries affected by the Ebola outbreak in several West African countries should closely monitor updated information available concerning the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). The Ebola outbreak presents health and travel risks. The outbreak has affected the ability to travel to and from, as well as within, the affected countries. Travelers have encountered difficulties in securing alternative travel arrangements. Below are a variety of useful resources you may wish to consult in order to learn more about the disease and its impact on health and travel.  MORE...

SAA Highlights

Update from the Statewide Administration Assembly

Fresh Air Committee
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Alaska Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, and the Interior Coalition of Tobacco Free Advocates invited UAF to participate in a Fresh Air Campus Challenge. The challenge encourages college campuses in AK, OR, ID and WA to pursue 100 percent smoke-free and tobacco-free policies by 2016.

Chancellor Rogers formed a UAF Fresh Air Committee (FACC) to acquire input. The committee is co-chaired by UAF Human Resources Director Brad Lobland and Associate Vice Chancellor Kris Racina, with collaboration from Michelle Rizk, Associate Vice President and Erik Seasteadt, Chief Human Resources Officer. Tina Holland and Olivia Baker have volunteered to represent SAA on this committee.

Current Affairs Committee - Proposed Furlough Policy Discussion
A coffee with Erik Seastedt is set for August 27 to discuss and receive more information on the proposed furlough policy. More information will be forthcoming.

University Values/Code of Ethics Update
SAA drafted a University Values Statement to share with Staff Alliance. Staff Alliance will gather input from the other campuses. This second draft will be presented back to staff for a final review before going to the System Governance Council for student, faculty and alumni review. SAA would like to see these value statements formulated by staff rather than from top down. The statements are NOT a punitive code of conduct listing behaviors that anyone with common sense knows are unacceptable in a professional organization. It is not a limit on academic freedom, free speech, or self-expression. Right now, it is a goal established by the Statewide Administration Assembly to unify staff and faculty throughout the system; clarify expectations for conduct; improve our image within and outside this institution; and foremost, improve the culture of the university so that we provide excellent service to our students and ultimately the state.

The University of Alaska Confidential Hotline is LIVE!

The hotline is for reporting critical, high-risk violations at the University of Alaska.

The hotline should be used when an individual believes he or she cannot use regular processes for reporting, perhaps, for example, due to concerns of retaliation.

The hotline is a best practice tool for emphasizing the University of Alaska’s commitment to efficient use of resources and regulatory compliance.

The hotline is not for reporting emergencies. Employees and members of the university community must call 911 for emergencies that would result in imminent harm or danger.

Confidentiality is fundamental to the hotline concept. Hotline website FAQs describe confidentiality limits. See www.alaska.ethicspoint.com.

The hotline provides an option for the reporting party to remain anonymous. The reviewer can still conduct dialog with an anonymous reporter if further details are needed.

The hotline is an additional intake tool for receiving reports of suspected waste, fraud, abuse, violations of policies, and other critical high-risk violations. The hotline doesn’t replace UA processes for internal follow-up on allegations. As much as possible, people normally assigned to follow up on issues will continue to follow established procedures.

Examples of issues to report to the UA Confidential Hotline
For complete list, see www.alaska.ethicspoint.com
Accounting and FinancialFraud, theft, waste or other financial misconduct
AthleticsNCAA compliance or rules violations issues
Diversity and Equal OpportunityIncluding bias incidents and EEOC or ADA matters, Title IX
HealthcareHIPAA, healthcare fraud, insurance issues
Human ResourcesTime or benefits abuse, employee misconduct, retaliation
Information SecurityData privacy/integrity, malicious use of technology
ResearchExport controls, animal or human research issues, misappropriation of funds
Risk and Safety MattersUnsafe working conditions, environmental issues or other safety matters, protection of minors

Fall training line-up

New Webinars have been scheduled for fall 2014 on Thursdays at 11 a.m. and Tuesdays at 9 a.m. based on employee feedback and preference. Click the link below for the schedule and access information.

Another free source of information and training is Skillsoft. These employee e-learning resources can be accesed anytime from anywhere with Internet access. MORE.....

Wellness, motivation, entertainment, tips and more on the SW HR Facebook Page

Statewide human resources has a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/UAHRO. Follow them today for tips on wellness, leadership, motivation and more.

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