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Have you made the move to Google Apps @ UA yet?

All Statewide email is now being serviced through Google Apps @ UA; if you aren't using Google Apps @ UA yet, you need to sign up before the Holiday break. To sign up go to http://google.alaska.edu and click on the "Sign Up Here" icon. Once you are signed up, your email stored on the Statewide server will automatically be migrated to your Google Apps account and any incoming mail to your Statewide email address will be forwarded to your new Google email account.

Statewide departmental accounts and distribution groups will not be affected by this activity and will continue to function as they do now.

For questions and assistance contact:

University of Alaska, OIT Support Center
(907) 450-8300 or 1-800-478-8226
email: helpdesk@alaska.edu

OIT Tip of the Month

Export MeetingMaker events for import to a Google Apps calendar

Due to a limitation in MeetingMaker, this method will not export your banners.

To export non-banner data from MeetingMaker:

  • Within the MeetingMaker application; select File, Export as .ical by date (export a single file). This creates an *.ics file you will import into your Google Calendar. Select the date range you wish to transfer.

To import data into Google Calendar:

  • From the Add button at the bottom of the calendar list, select Import Calendar
  • Browse to the iCalendar file (*.ics from MeetingMaker export) that you created in your export
  • Choose the calendar that you wish to import the data to
  • Click the Import button
  • You will receive a confirmation of the number of events that were imported

IMPORTANT: You must check the settings on your events.

Default copy will NOT keep a private event marked as private.

You will need to reset privacy settings and guest permissions on each event.

To change the privacy settings:

  • Click the title of the event
  • In the upper right panel Guests uncheck the options you do not wish to grant
  • In the lower right panel, select the privacy option you wish
  • On the option button bar just above the title: click the SAVE button to save your changes and return to the calendar.

OIT Training Schedule

The end of the year is approaching, so now is a really good time to sign up for your Google Apps @ UA account. If you need any help or information about this change, please feel free to call the OIT Support Center Training & Development Group at 474-6573. To sign up for your Google account, visit http://www.alaska.edu/google/

Our training schedule for December has been posted at http://www.alaska.edu/oit/training/Documentation_docs/trng_dec_09.pdf   Also, here is a link to our calnedar and registration form for all of the sessions http://www.alaska.edu/oit/training/

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