New UA website retooled

Office of Public Affairs

The system website launched in August at the start of major restructuring discussions led by Board of Regents directives. Those visiting the page will notice that it’s been retitled “Reviewing the University of Alaska.”

As the board’s directions have changed, so has the website. It remains a source of information and engagement, an archive of discussions and actions made so far, and a resource for accessing additional information and updates moving forward.

After the Board of Regents voted in September to suspend all systemwide academic program reviews, the site underwent significant revision.

  • All related Board of Regents motions -- already on the site -- remain.
  • A new page also contains all resolutions, motions, memos and recommendations from governance groups representing faculty, staff and student perspectives.
  • Where appropriate, the site redirects users to university-specific information and chancellors’ communications including links to local university-level academic program review information.
  • A new calendar lists upcoming meetings and engagement events.
  • Information on accreditation and copies of correspondence with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities is posted. Copies of the responses, due to NWCCU by Oct. 31, will be added when available.

All systemwide academic program reviews have been suspended, but are archived on the site, which still contains 43 video recordings of past meetings as well as session notes from initial discussions about opportunities for collaboration across the university system. Those postings are retained for reference purposes.

On the administrative consolidations, the site has been updated to indicate a freeze on consolidation activities in most areas. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.

The website has been, and is intended to be a tool for proposing, sharing, tracking and evaluating all options under discussion for the University of Alaska system. To keep the website up to date, we need your input, new actions from governance groups, new proposals, and feedback on the information that is being posted. Thanks to all those who have provided valuable and constructive feedback.

Please use this FORM to share feedback and suggestions so that we can continue to adapt the website to meet your communication needs during these rapidly changing times.