The University of Alaska successfully completed its VRA with the Office for Civil Rights

This week the University of Alaska received final notification from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) all requirements have now been completed under the 2017 Voluntary Resolution Agreement (VRA) to resolve Title IX compliance issues on our campuses. The VRA outlined specific steps to improve safety and the campus climate throughout the University of Alaska system. Title IX staff and campus leadership have since made those changes, implementing systemic improvements in many critical areas.

While meeting each of the deadlines contained in the VRA took countless hours by staff in Title IX, Residence Life, Student Services, and faculty, the UA System welcomed this effort and the focus on continuous improvement. The safety of employees and students remains an ongoing priority even though we have now completed our responsibilities under the VRA. 

The Board of Regents’ Ad Hoc Committee on Title IX recently reaffirmed its commitment to Title IX and in February 2020 passed a motion to ensure continued coordination, recognizing that completion of the VRA requirements is only the first of many steps the university will take as it strives to maintain campus environments free of discrimination.  This action re-emphasized the Board of Regents’ expectation that the universities individually, under each chancellors’ direction and in coordination with and oversight by the president through the System Title IX Office, will continue to work vigorously to maintain educational and workplace environments free from discrimination.