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UA 2040 envisions the university of the future

UA 2040 website 

April 17, 2019    If you haven’t had the chance to check out UA 2040, don’t wait any longer. UA 2040 is an aspirational and interactive website developed to guide and inspire the growth of the University of Alaska. The website is a tool to visualize, and then realize, the university’s future. By projecting our future, we demonstrate that UA is, and will continue to be, a worthy investment and the key to positive opportunities for students, the state and nation.

The website includes narratives of six fictional future students and the future programs that would be available to them. The vision for 2040 puts students at the center of everything. New programs such as the Alaska School of Medicine, Center for the Blue Ocean Economy, Institute for Arctic Sustainability and more are part of a university of the future that begins today.

Visualizing the future is especially challenging during times of fiscal uncertainty. As a university system, we have much of which to be proud, but we also have a responsibility to constantly be thinking about the future as we continue to inspire students, faculty, staff and alumni.

UA is working hard to develop a culture in Alaska that values education, realizing that our state suffers from notoriously low education attainment, both at the high school and college level. With 65 percent of the jobs by 2025 requiring a credential beyond high school, it’s economically imperative that Alaskans view the university as an opportunity to change lives and make our state stronger. Future economies and industries require innovation and inspiration. That’s what UA 2040 is all about.

The website can be found at: Explore the site, share it, and  discuss the possibilities of a strong university now and in the future. Most importantly, become a part of realizing this extraordinary university for Alaska of the future.