UA to hire current faculty and staff to serve as Title IX advisors

Nov. 20, 2020

The university is recruiting 12-15 individuals to serve part-time as university-appointed Title IX advisors. This is a new position which entails serving in an advisory role for complainants and respondents participating in Title IX hearings. Serving as an advisor is an opportunity for UA employees to help others and to experience a new professional opportunity beyond their current position. Title IX advisors will receive training on the university’s sex and gender-based grievance procedures and hearing process under Title IX. Those appointed will receive $1,500 per fiscal year for their service. Title IX advisors are critical to the success of the Title IX program at the University of Alaska and will also be making a valuable contribution to student and employee health and success through their service. 

The University of Alaska, along with universities across the country, implemented a new Title IX grievance process earlier this fall in accordance with new federal regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. A key requirement  of the regulations is that live hearings must be included as part of the grievance process for complaints of sex discrimination under Title IX.   

UA Board of Regents’ Policy outlines the university’s sex and gender-based discrimination responsibilities under Title IX. More specifically, Chapter 01.04 details the administrative grievance process, including inquiries, investigations, hearings, and appeals, which is applicable if prohibited behavior under Title IX is alleged to have occurred. If a hearing is held, each participating party must have an advisor present to ask cross-examination questions on their behalf. If a party does not have an advisor at the time the investigative report is released, an advisor will be appointed by the university for the purpose of the hearing, at no expense to the party.

Title IX advisors have a vital role in the new Title IX grievance process. Advisors must be willing to serve either a complainant or respondent and conduct themselves with decorum. They will provide assistance to the party in preparing for the hearing, as needed. During the hearing, Title IX advisors may make a brief opening and/or closing statement and will conduct cross-examination of hearing participants on behalf of the party, as applicable, and object to questions not relevant, as necessary. Additionally, advisors will maintain the privacy of any information and records shared with them. 

This recruitment is open to all current exempt staff and faculty at any UA location, provided that successful candidates are able to effectively execute the duties either in-person or remotely from their current location. Interested candidates should contact their supervisors to discuss the position and receive approval before applying.

The university remains committed to your safety and well being, as well as a culture that fosters respect.