UAS announces Senator Ted Stevens Legislative Internship Program placements for 2020

The Senator Ted Stevens Legislative Internship Program, hosted at the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS), is in full swing with students earning college credit while working in the 2020 Alaska State Legislature. Legislators and Interns gathered in the Capitol for a ‘meet and greet’ event on January 29. UA President Jim Johnsen and UAS Chancellor Rick Caulfield joined program coordinator Dr. Glenn Wright in welcoming this year’s group of 16 students from all three UA universities.

Both President Johnsen and Chancellor Caulfield expressed appreciation to the Ted Stevens Foundation for its generous donation in support of the program. In 2017, the Foundation pledged $157,500 over five years, coupled with a $10,500 annual challenge grant, to support student stipends. That support helps ensure the program’s continuation, even as UA faces significant budget challenges.

In the program’s 32-year history more than 320 students from UAS, UAA, and UAF have worked for legislators drafting legislation, testifying in committees, guiding bills through the legislature, and working with constituents. The program is non-partisan and serves a culturally diverse student body from all economic backgrounds.

As Ted Stevens interns, students are placed in the office of one state senator or representative. In addition, they participate in a demanding academic program that combines a weekly public policy seminar and rigorous, guided research. Interns work all 90 days of the legislative session, participating in responsibilities of full-time legislative staffers.

This year’s interns and students from UAS:

  • Calvin Zuelow of Juneau, placed with Sen. Jesse Kiehl
  • Christian English of Juneau, placed with Sen. John Coghill
  • Elizabeth Ferguson of Kotzebue, regular staffer for Rep. John Lincoln (note: Ferguson is not a TSF intern, but is taking the seminar course for credit along with the interns)

Interns from UAA:

  • Alex Jorgenson of Anchorage, placed with Sen. Tom Begich
  • Alexander Schroeder of Anchorage, placed with Sen. Bill Wielechowski
  • Clare Baldwin of Anchorage, placed with Sen. Cathy Giessel
  • Josiah Nash of Fairbanks, placed with Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins
  • Teresa Wrobel of Fairbanks, placed with Sen. Scott Kawasaki
  • Katie McCall of Palmer, placed with Sen. Mia Costello
  • Michael Willis of Unalaska, placed with Sen. Peter Micciche

Interns from UAF:

  • Darren Napoli of Dillingham, placed with Sen. Josh Revak
  • Aidan Earnest of Ester, placed with Rep. Grier Hopkins
  • Dawson Mann of Fairbanks, placed with Sen. Shelley Hughes
  • Joe Greenough of Fairbanks, placed with Rep. Louise Stutes
  • Kasey Casort of Fairbanks, placed with Rep. Ivy Spohnholz
  • Dustin Elsberry of North Pole, placed with Sen. Josh Revak

The academic supervisor of all interns is Dr. Glenn Wright, Associate Professor of Political Science at UAS, who is also the Statewide Program Coordinator. He acts as the interns’ advisor during their internship, conducts the Internship Seminar, and acts as the University liaison with the Legislature and particularly with each intern's office supervisor. Complete information about the program can be found on the Senator Ted Stevens Legislative Internship Program website. Those interested may also contact Glenn Wright at (907) 796-6115 or