Draft System Office mission statements shared for system wide feedback

April 15, 2022

President Pitney convened the System Office Mission Statement work team to lead an inclusive process for crafting a mission statement for the UA System Office. The resulting statement will be formalized into BOR policy and will serve as a tool to guide the System Office. 

The process is designed to engage the UA-wide community. The working team drafted three versions of a potential System Office mission statement incorporating responses from a survey of System Office employees. As the next step in this iterative process, the team is sharing the three drafts with the university community to rate how well each of the proposed statements captures the mission and role of the System Office and resonates with university stakeholders. 

The survey is open to stakeholders across the system from April 14 to April 22. Comments and feedback on each of the statements will be used by the working team to help finalize a mission statement for the University of Alaska System Office.

Stakeholders across the university system can follow updates on the process and provide additional feedback through the System Office Mission website.