Staying social while distanced

How is everyone doing? After about a month in, even the introverts among us are starting to have a hard time. As time goes on, the effects of social distancing start to wear on us all. Below are some tips for staying social while distanced: 

staying social while distanced
  1. Call, FaceTime or Zoom one friend or family member each day. A combination of analogue and virtual is recommended. Seeing someone’s face will boost your serotonin (feel-good chemical) levels in your brain.
  2. Send a card or letter to someone you care about through good old fashioned snail mail.
  3. Host a virtual movie night. If you have Google Chrome, there is a feature called Netflix Party that allows you to stream at the same time as friends.
  4. Host a virtual book club. Aren’t we all saying we wished we had more time to read?
  5. Look for virtual classes on a skill you’d like to learn. Maybe music lessons, cooking, knitting or learning a new language.
  6. Take a virtual group fitness class.
  7. If you know someone who struggles with depression or anxiety, make a point to reach out to them. In helping others, we also help ourselves.
  8. Stuck with others? Consider what you are gaining. Take this time to strengthen your relationships and learn more about each other.
  9. Reach out to your elders, older neighbors, parents and grandparents or anyone who is vulnerable. See if they need help with groceries, shoveling snow, or errands. Many may be feeling especially lonely right now and would appreciate a phone call.