2nd Update - Coronavirus (COVID-19)– Student and Employee Resources

University of Alaska, President James R. Johnsen


DATE:             February 21, 2020

TO:                  Chancellors and President’s Staff, UA Community
FROM:          Jim Johnsen, President

RE:                  2nd Update - Coronavirus (COVID-19)– Student and Employee Resources

I am hopeful that our communities will remain largely unaffected by COVID-19.  That said, Universities have students and employees who travel around the world, and as noted in the Facts and Resources section below, COVID-19 continues to spread, though so far, not to Alaska. 

Flexibility for Students and Employees at High Risk

There are a few resources we can offer now to encourage self-care and prevention, particularly among high risk groups.  Based on CDC guidance, the high risk group includes people who have traveled in China, or been exposed to someone sick with COVID-19, in the last 14 days.

High Risk and Ill – such individuals should remain out of the classroom and workplace and follow CDC guidance (see attachment).

Students - I’m asking the chancellors to ensure that students who are at increased risk are able to remain out of the classroom during the incubation period through assurance of academic flexibility and student support services. 

Employees - I’ve also asked Human Resources across the UA system to be prepared to offer telework or paid leave during the incubation period to employees at increased risk to allow and encourage them to remain out of the workplace.

Remote Sites – if a person at high risk for COVID-19 is still in the incubation period, they should inform appropriate administrators before deploying to remote stations/close quarters such as research vessels or field camps.

Looking Forward

Since this is an emerging situation, additional travel restrictions and other steps may be required. Check UA Alert at https://sites.google.com/ alaska.edu/coronavirus and your campus websites for the latest information.

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