Alaska 529: Give your education savings some love

Love is in the air! The Alaska 529 team invites you to show your loved ones (little and grown-up) you care by focusing on education savings. 

  1. Opening an Alaska 529 account takes only a few minutes and has the potential for a life-long impact. Accounts can be opened with as little as $25 (that’s cheaper than a box of chocolates).  
  2. Anyone can directly deposit a portion of their paycheck (post-tax) to start an account or contribute to an existing account.  
  3. Alaska residents can allocate 50% or more of their PFD to start a new account or contribute to an existing account. 

There’s no need for heartache. Alaska 529 offers an affordable and flexible approach to investing specifically for education expenses. Visit the Alaska 529 website and learn more about how to get started. 

For more information contact: or call 907-474-5671