Join listening sessions for Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment

As stated in the Board of Regents meetings and Dr. Johnsen's June 16, 2020, memo to the UA Summit Team regarding the Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment, a $100,000 investment will identify and investigate opportunities afforded by modern cloud-based approaches. The resulting assessment will serve as a roadmap for engaging students across the lifecycle, and for holistically monitoring and improving UA's key performance indicators. 

Through UA's RFP process, Peak Performance Technologies Inc. was selected to conduct the digital transformation readiness assessment. Lead by Robert Cardelli
, President of Peak Performance Technologies Inc., this effort will establish a roadmap, based on thoroughly documented business analysis of UA’s processes, people, platforms, and politics, both current state and future state, to enable UA to enact change to:  

    • Modernize systems and processes for students with solutions that are easy-to-navigate, user-friendly, modern/mobile, and reliable.

    • Improve processes involving students—including admissions, scheduling, registration, etc.

    • Use data strategies and analytical capabilities to create new perspectives and insights on improving student and institutional outcomes.

    • Identify and investigate opportunities afforded by modern cloud-based approaches.

This project will assess readiness from a holistic / enterprise perspective. Furthermore, as systemwide participation and active engagement are key, we will need the UA Summit Team and other senior leadership from every sector of UA from application services to student services to reinforce the urgency of honesty and to encourage team members to think strategically about how to fundamentally transform the university. 

In addition, to gain insight into UA's efforts to improve student success, we're holding faculty and student forums on alternating days. We would like to hear from you, the faculty and the students, too. Therefore, we will be having two-hour listening sessions to gather your input.  

To register for one of the Faculty Forms, follow these links:
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