UA receives grant to install natural gas shut-off valves on Anchorage campus

The University of Alaska was awarded $249,000 to install 30 seismic natural gas meter shut-off valves on the University of Anchorage campus. The funding was provided by a grant from FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. Installation of the shut-off valves will be completed by Sept. 2020. 

“Installing natural gas meter shut-off valves may prevent injuries and property damage during an earthquake,” said Steve Mullins, Continuity Director / Emergency Planner for UA Statewide Risk Services. “Seismic gas shut-off valves are designed to automatically shut off the flow of gas during an earthquake. This helps prevent damage to a pipe from leaking gas, or induced fires or explosions." 

FEMA’s Mitigation Grant Program provides funding for cost-effective post-disaster projects. Studies have shown that every $1 spent on prevention may save up to $4-6 in potential future damages.