Update on FY22 External Audits

May 20, 2022

UA’s annual external audits of finances and federal assistance funding, commonly referred to as the Uniform Guidance or Single Audit, are in progress. The external audit team from CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) will perform the audits.  The CLA team will perform questionnaires, interviews and possibly walkthroughs to understand risks and controls. They will also request documentation to review. Consistent with prior years, Audit and Consulting Services is assisting CLA by performing tests of controls in the following areas: Payroll, ProCard, Disbursements, Tuition and Fees, Search for Unrecorded Liabilities, and PPE (property, plant and equipment).  The audits should be complete by mid-October.  

Reporting Fraud Concerns

In accordance with Regents' Policy and University Regulation 05.02.090.Financial Fraud, Waste and Abuse, if you have suspicions about fraudulent activity that involves university funds or resources, please notify the System Office of Audit and Consulting Services. We will work with other offices as needed to determine the best course of action to follow-up and address the situation.

Telephone:  907-450-8094

Email:  ua-ia-dept@alaska.edu

Reports may also be made using university’s third-party reporting system:

Toll-free hotline: 1-855-251-5719

Web intake form: www.alaska.ethicspoint.com

Reports may be anonymous. However, anonymous reports may limit the university’s ability to investigate and request additional information. The university encourages employees making reports to include a name and contact information. Employees who make a good faith report are protected from retaliation in accordance with Regents’ Policy 04.07.040, P04.08.040.A. and the Alaska Whistleblower Act AS 39.90.100 – 39.90.150.