Find current information on university restructuring

The University of Alaska has taken steps toward reducing administrative overhead, and is engaged in a review process to evaluate options for the future structure of the UA system. Work will occur during the months ahead to make the university more efficient in delivering academic programs and services to students. Exactly what that change looks like is still a work in progress. 

No decisions regarding structure have been made. Studying different structural options is critical given the magnitude of budget cuts the UA system has faced over the last six years, and the additional budget reductions expected in FY21 and FY22 as part of the compact with the governor. UA’s total unrestricted general fund reduction will total $121 million or 32 percent from FY14 to FY22. There also is legislative intent language requiring that the university study moving to one accreditation. While that may not happen, change in some form is required as enrollment is declining, the state population is shrinking, our state economy is struggling, and funding is erratic. But the nature of the change has yet to be determined. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the process and help inform the ultimate outcome.

In order to provide both up-to-date information on the restructuring process and mechanisms for providing feedback, a website [] has been created. The site is a tool for transparency and engagement. Information is updated as it becomes available. Currently on the site you can find copies of Board of Regents motions and directives, background resources, the results of a stakeholder survey, a calendar of meetings and events related to the restructuring effort, and specific pages for each area under review containing committee members, recordings of meetings and feedback forms. 

Envisioning a new, better-integrated University of Alaska is a dynamic process, and there will be many changes, drafts and revisions as we move forward. UA leadership is committed to an open, transparent, inclusive process and will be sharing planning documents as they are drafted. Please check the site regularly for the most current information.