Opportunity for Board of Regents public testimony on Oct. 28 and Nov. 8

Alaskans will have an opportunity later this month month to comment directly to the Board of Regents on issues facing the University of Alaska. 

Statewide audio conference public testimony will be held 4-5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 28. Call 1-866-726-0757 to join the queue for testimony. In-person public testimony will be held on the second day of the Board of Regents full board meeting from 8-9 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 7. The meeting will be held in Room 109 of the Butrovich Building on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus. 

The regents’ committee meetings will be Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 in Fairbanks. The Board of Regents full board meeting will be Nov. 6-7 in Fairbanks.

These meetings and the public testimony sessions are live streamed at https://alaska.edu/bor/live/. For more information or an agenda, visit  https://www.alaska.edu/bor/agendas/.  

Alaskans can also provide written testimony at anytime by emailing ua-bor@alaska.edu. Written public testimony is shared with the Board of Regents and President Jim Johnsen. 

Tips for providing testimony via audio conference:

Preparing Your Testimony

  • Know what you want to say, be precise and specific.

  • Have someone review your text or listen to your presentation.

  • Summarize the main points of your comments.

  • Offer a solution and be constructive.

  • Practice and time yourself, because testimony is limited to two minutes.

Tips for Testifying

  • Speak directly and closely into the telephone.

  • Address the chair and members. Introduce yourself and/or group you are representing: “Mr./Madam Chair and members of the Board of Regents, my name is (your name) and I represent myself and/or (name of your group) group.”

  • Be clear, concise, and logical. Comments are limited to two minutes per individual or as determined by the chair.

  • This is your opportunity to be heard. If you say you will provide more information, be sure to follow through.

  • If you represent a group, explain how your position was reached.