Banner User Profile Review

TO: Banner Finance Users

FROM: John Hebard, C.P.M., Chief Procurement Officer

DATE: November 11, 2021 

SUBJ: Update Email Address in Banner Form FOM2PRF

For staff who enter purchase requisitions (PRs) into Banner, it is important to know where your purchase is in the procurement process.  It allows you to keep your end users informed regarding the progress of their purchases and identify a purchase that may held up for any reason.  Banner has automated email notifications for the person who enters a PR.  These notifications include when a PR is assigned to a procurement officer, when the purchase order is issued, and when a payment is issued.   In order to receive these notifications a person who enters PRs must have their current email address in the Banner User Profile Edit Form, form name FOM2PRF.  Please take a moment to ensure that your user profile contains an email address and that it is correct, as well as your contact phone number, with no dashes.  These small steps will allow better visibility into the status of your department’s purchases, allow procurement to contact you more easily and help identify processing hang ups more quickly.

Thank you for your assistance with managing the University’s procurement process.