Education Trust of Alaska promotes the University of Alaska nationally

For twenty years, the Education Trust of Alaska has been making college more affordable by offering high quality education savings options to its 529 plan participants. Now it is dreaming big once again by extending an invitation to beneficiaries in the Lower 48 to enroll at any campus within the University of Alaska (UA) system. 

To achieve this end, the trust is launching a series of communications to highlight the benefits it offers to those investing in its 529 education savings plans, such as resident tuition. All those who are enrolled in one of the trust’s three 529 plans are eligible to pay the same tuition rates at UA that Alaskans pay, so long as they’ve been in the plan for two or more years. This could mean a savings of about $18,000 a year for a full time student, and may open doors for students who want to experience the adventures of Alaska while earning their degree. It could also appeal to students who thought they may be limited to their own state’s schools, due to the significant non-resident expenses associated with going to a school in a different state. The trust is also extending a waiver of application fees for its members who are applying to a UA campus. 

“It makes sense to pair those building an investment in our 529 plans with the University of Alaska. We want to help our 529 investors make the most of their savings, and believe the value and opportunity that UA offers, along with the waiver of non-resident tuition does exactly that,” said Tamera Weaver, Education Trust of Alaska Administrator. 

Beginning this spring the trust will mail targeted communications to approximately 52,000 high school students four times a year and will also reach out to 6,000 adult beneficiaries twice a year. “In addition to the excellent in-person learning options offered at UA, there are numerous degree programs that students can enroll in and complete from their homes in the Lower 48. UA’s online learning options are convenient and affordable. We’re delighted to share them with those investing in our plans,” Weaver added.

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