A call to come together around common values

Dear UA Community –

We support the legitimate expressions of frustration in Alaska and across the nation in reaction to the violence that racism fuels in our society. We join in constructive demands for peaceful change and true justice. At the same time, we condemn violence that destroys communities, lives, and livelihoods.

I call on members of the University of Alaska community to come together around our common values of respect for all people, of commitment to the opportunity to learn and grow, of continuous pursuit of truth, and of caring for one another.

When we do our research, teach our students, and provide service to the people of Alaska, we do so to build a better Alaska for all of us. When we see injustice and discrimination, we are duty-bound to act. Not with violence, but in a way that builds relationships, encourages justice, and permits true peace. You are informed and engaged citizens whom the University of Alaska welcomes and nurtures, and you are uniquely positioned to respond to this challenge.

Please stay safe and take care,