Protect your meetings against Zoom-bombing

If you think Zoombombing won’t happen to you, think again. Make sure your Zoom events are safe, successful and fun for your participants by following these guidelines:

Use online registration to prevent posting public links

Zoom’s meeting registration feature lets the host create a short registration form and link that automatically emails each participant the information to join. This prevents Zoombombers from joining from a publicly posted meeting link.

When you schedule a meeting, you can require attendees to register with their email, name, and custom questions. You can even customize your registration page with a banner and logo.

Learn how to set up registration

Turn on the waiting room feature

Use Zoom’s waiting room feature to control who is allowed into your event. 

Learn more about waiting rooms.

Livestream the event if you don’t need participation

If there’s no viewer participation, you can stream your Zoom meeting through Kaltura Mediaspace (available for UAA and UAF), Youtube or Facebook. This will eliminate any chance of unwanted, disruptive guests. 

Contact your local help desk to coordinate the stream with Kaltura. This can also save a  recording to your My Media folder.

Click the following links for Zoom information on streaming to YouTube and Facebook.

Use Zoom webinar for panel presentations

UA has two webinar licenses groups can use on a first-come, first-served basis. Licenses are typically reserved for the day before the event and the day of the event.

Is a webinar right for your event? Look at the meeting vs. webinar comparison chart. Then, if you want to reserve a webinar license, please contact Video Conferencing Services at  

Whatever you do, don’t post the link and passcode on a public site!

Publicly posting your Zoom meeting invites Zoombombers to disrupt your meeting with unwanted chats, drawings, pictures or video. Do not post Zoom links and passcodes on any public websites, newsletters and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

For additional information on virtual events, check out Zoom’s blog “Best Practices for Hosting a Digital Event.”

If you need help with your live Zoom event, call 450-8300 or 800-478-8226, or email