Update on unplanned outage and service restoration

Recovery from the unplanned power outage at the Butrovich Computer Facility is going well and most UA services and applications have been restored; however, there are few that remain down. To monitor the most recent status updates, please visit the Status page. In addition to current status updates, there is an option to subscribe and receive updates automatically.


Vista Plus is not operational, this is considered a very high priority and efforts continue to recover the application. Unfortunately the sudden power loss caused a hardware failure and OIT technicians and the vendor are investigating and assessing options for next steps.

UAA Active Directory is experiencing problems that are affecting access to some UAA Outlook accounts and some UAA Sharepoint sites.

Services that have been restored include:

  • VPN
  • UAF wired and wireless network
  • UA websites at alaska.edu
  • ELMO
  • UA Blackboard Learn
  • Banner 8 & 9
  • UAonline
  • Onbase
  • OIT Service Catalog
  • UAF Degreeworks
  • UAA Degreeworks
  • UAF listserv
  • UAF and SW Printing Services

If you are experiencing problems with technology services, please contact your local technology support unit to report the issue.

Technical Support Center: (907)786-4646
Toll Free: (877) 633-3888

Phone: (907) 450-8300 (x8300 on campus)
Toll-free: (800) 478-8226

907-796-6400 (Helpdesk)
877-465-6400 (Toll Free)