Update on unplanned outage affecting UA networks and web services

The Butrovich Computer Center Back-Up project (specifically, installation and testing of the back-up generator) encountered unexpected difficulties this morning, which left the Butrovich Computing Facility (BCF) without power and offline for much of the day. As of 5 p.m, July 13, 2020, activities to resolve problems with the backup generator installation have been suspended. Instead, the electrical work performed earlier in the day will be backed-out, and stable utility power is being restored. 

By 8 p.m. power will be brought back online in the BCF. OIT engineers will work throughout the night to restore BCF-resident systems and services including UAonline, Banner, Blackboard, alaska.edu websites, and UAF phone and network services.

It is unfortunate that the project intended to reduce electrical service disruption risks to the BCF had precisely the opposite effect today. Technicians are working on getting all systems back online, and the BCF will return to normal operations by the start of business day tomorrow. 

For status updates as service restoration work continues, please refer to the status page.