Update on this week's unplanned power outage

Dear UA Community –

This notice serves to advise you that the unplanned power outage earlier this week that brought down the Butrovich Computing Facility [BCF] has been resolved. The power outage at the BCF happened due to an unfortunate series of events involving the electrical power supply during the installation of the new generator. 

The BCF is a key component to the mission of the university. Improvements to increase resiliency in the event of a power outage include installing a new generator as an alternate power source. In concert with the response, continual improvement opportunities, including a concise communication plan as well as additional BCF specific engineering resources, have been identified, and plans are underway to implement them as part of scheduling for the next generator connection event.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) partnered with UAF Facilities Services on this project, and both units rapidly responded to restore power to the BCF. Once stable power was established, OIT technicians and engineers worked through the night to restore the technology services that enable the research, academic, and instructional missions of the University of Alaska. 

Thank you to all for your efforts in the recovery work completed for this unplanned disruption.

If you are experiencing problems with technology services, please contact your local technology support unit to report the issue.

Technical Support Center
877- 633-3888 toll-free

OIT Service Desk
800-478-8226 toll-free

Help Desk
877-465-6400 toll-free