Advanced Threat Protections Added to Staff Computers

May 20, 2022

In an effort to increase the security of UA's technology infrastructure, OIT is in the process of adding additional anti-virus detection measures to all UA staff computers. The added protections combine continual monitoring, collection of endpoint data, automation and analysis that improve overall detection and response time to potential compromises occurring within the UA network.  

Why is this change taking place? 

This update improves the speed that threats can be detected and the response time to fend off attacks.  

How does this impact me?  

By May 20 these protections will be added to all employee computers. Employees are not required to take any action and should not notice any change when using their equipment. If you have experienced any kind of disruption or impact that you believe is a result of this security upgrade, please contact the OIT Service Desk.

How do I get help if I think I have a security problem? 

Contact the OIT Service Desk, via phone, email or self-service request.