OIT changing antivirus solutions

In an effort to reduce costs while improving services, starting June 8th OIT will begin changing Antivirus solutions. After June 8th, Symantec Endpoint Protection will be uninstalled from university-owned computers. Once the uninstall is complete, Microsoft Defender will automatically begin protecting Windows computers, and Jamf Protect will start remotely installing on macOS computers. Restarting the computer may be required to complete the transition. OIT will contact you if SEP fails to uninstall on your computer to assist with manually uninstalling.

If you have a personally-owned device with UA’s Symantec Endpoint Protection installed, we advise you to uninstall it as soon as you are able. After June 30th, SEP will no longer continue to update, so your computer will no longer be protected. Below you will find a selection of anti-virus software we recommend for personal use.