New setting to improve Zoom security

A new setting will enhance security for Zoom meetings by making it optional to authenticate University of Alaska participants.

Quick background
When scheduling a meeting, we can choose “Require authentication to join,” which forces meeting participants to be signed into Zoom (using any Zoom account — even a free account). It’s a way to ensure some level of legitimacy of the attendees. 

The change
The Zoom admin team added a new option in the Authenticated Users list so that now you can specifically select UA-authenticated Zoom users. 

Why use this feature?
Requiring UA authentication will prevent non-UA users from joining your meeting, reducing the risk of unwanted visitors. All UA students, staff and faculty have access to a free pro Zoom account and can claim that account by going to and clicking on “Sign in.”

When should I avoid this feature?
Do not use this feature if external guests will be joining your meeting. Enabling this setting will prevent them from joining, and the setting cannot be adjusted once the meeting is underway. 

What else should I know?
If a user has not yet signed in to their Zoom account, joining the meeting can sometimes be delayed slightly. UA users who have not already their UA Zoom account will be prompted to do so when they try to join a meeting with this feature enabled. This process is automated and takes seconds, but it is an extra step.  

Questions about authorized users? As always, your local service desk is here to help! Call 450-8300 or 800-478-8226 or email