VPN Users - Switch to the new VPN Before December 31

Statewide and UAF VPN users are advised to download and install the new GlobalProtect VPN client on their PC, phone or tablet before December 31, 2020, when outgoing AnyConnect VPN will no longer be updated or supported. Download GlobalProtect VPN Installer and follow prompts, entering the portal address gateway/vpn server vpn.alaska.edu.

The switch to the GlobalProtect VPN service is advantageous; it creates increased bandwidth for users, makes specialized VPN access more efficient, and reduces overall costs to the University by using the existing firewall solution and avoiding the cost of the previous solution.

For step-by-step configuration instructions and detailed service information related to the updated VPN, including phone and tablet VPN configuration information, visit OIT’s VPN service information.

Questions about the switch to GlobalProtect  VPN tool? As always, the OIT service desk is here with answers!

Office of Information Technology
Phone: (907) 450-8300
Toll-free: (800) 478-8226