Stay secure and move to Windows 10

Office of Information Technology


On Oct. 22, 2009 Windows 7 is reaching its “end of life,” at which point the software and security updates, as well as technical assistance, will no longer be available. Out-of-date operating systems create a substantial security risk. To mitigate that risk, all computers using Windows 7 operating systems must be upgraded to Windows 10 by Jan. 14, 2020

Here is what you need to know: 

Not sure which version of Windows you are running?

Do you use Windows 7 at the University of Alaska? 

  • You can find out more about your available options for upgrading by contacting your local Service Desk, listed below. If you feel your device cannot be upgraded to Windows 10 for software or hardware compatibility reasons, please contact us!

visit: Windows 7 Upgrade Project page
Technical Support Center: (907)786-4646
Toll Free: (877) 633-3888 

visit: Windows 7 End of Life - Windows 10 Upgrade project page
Phone:       (907) 450-8300 (x8300 on campus)
Toll-free:    (800) 478-8226

907-796-6400 (Helpdesk)
877-465-6400 (Toll Free)

Do you use Windows 7 at home? 

Some older PCs can be upgraded to Windows 10; you can find out if your device meets the requirements by visiting Microsoft’s System requirements for installing Windows 10. If you’re looking to upgrade hardware, new devices come with Windows 10 preinstalled.