March tech tips

  • Play Hard to Get with Strangers: If you’re unsure who an email is from—even if the details appear accurate—do not respond, and do not click on any links or attachments.

  • Cybercriminals cast wide nets with #phishing tactics, hoping to drag in victims. They may offer a financial reward, threaten you if you don’t engage, or claim that someone is in need of help.

  • When it comes to passphrases, it’s best to mix it up and stay unique! Keep them fun, easy-to-remember and don't reuse them.

  • #BeCyberSmart Rules for Keeping Tabs on Your #Apps: 1) Delete apps you don’t need or no longer use. 2) Review app permissions. Say "No" to any that don't make sense.  3) Only download apps from trusted sources.