What’s the difference between MyDrive and Google Drive?

April 15, 2022

Google share drives were announced two years ago as an easy, no-cost way of managing shared files. In the time since then, departments have come to better understand how it matters that content can be managed by multiple people, particularly in terms of continuity.

A shared google drive is owned by UA and managed by staff with equal access. When someone leaves the department, whomever remains can remove them so they no longer have access (unless access is restored by a remaining manager).

When a folder on MyDrive is shared, then the owner is the individual staff person, and transferring ownership to whomever follows may be difficult because there might not be overlap. Also, it is time consuming because changes at one folder level do not change lower level folders. Stacked folders can have different owners.

As more and more work is being conducted using online, shared resources, departments should take note of access, ownership and plan proactively for transitions and continuity.