Banner Cloud Migration Begins User Testing

March 18, 2022

The UA Banner Cloud Migration project reached a milestone this week as the first group of users began testing in the Ellucian cloud environment. Overall, week one went better than expected so additional users can now be added to the testing team in the coming weeks.

The current swim lane testing vets specific functionality within each domain. An example of a swim lane test for the Registrar’s team could include adding a new course to Banner, registering a student for that course, dropping the registration, adding another course, switching sections, and then viewing the student’s schedule. 

Also commencing this week were integrations with third party vendors. Banner functional teams are coordinating the communication and information exchange between vendors and the Ellucian Cloud Delivery and OIT Enterprise Application Services teams.

Community testing begins in June with users vetting processes that span across multiple domains. A community test of the full student life cycle includes admitting a student, properly registering the student, assigning housing and a meal plan, purchasing textbooks, applying financial aid, receiving student payments and course grades, and updating transcripts.

Thanks for your interest in the Banner Cloud Migration project. Watch for future updates. To share feedback or subscribe to the project newsfeed contact Chris Strube.