Banner Cloud Migration Glides Into Spring

Cranes at UAF campus
Migrating sandhill cranes congregate in the agricultural fields on the Fairbanks campus.

The Banner Cloud Migration project, an update meant to bring renewed capacity and increased efficiencies, continues with more than 100 team members involved in development and testing of the new solution. With representation from all three campuses and the system office, the project is truly an enterprise-wide collaboration.

The new Banner Cloud Migration website—meant to follow milestones, share updates and record progress—debuted this week. The site consolidates multiple sources of content, creating a user-friendly way for stakeholders and team members to keep track of the project and stay informed. The easy-to-read dashboard-style site serves as the gathering place for all Banner Cloud Migration-related resources and information. 

Banner users can expect the completed cloud relocation to debut later this year, with go-live currently planned for October 2022. Watch for future updates and visit for more details. 

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