Show your support for UA by using your tuition waiver benefits

You can show your support for the University of Alaska by taking courses for personal enrichment or to advance your career. At this time, there are no changes to the tuition waiver for eligible university employees or their dependents.

The tuition waiver is available to regular part-time and full-time employees and their families. Here’s what you need to know to use your tuition benefits:


  • Tuition waiver request for employees, faculty, adjunct, spouses and dependents: Form

  • UAF and UAA accept electronic submission of forms through DocuSign. Visit these sites for more information including links to forms:

Tuition waiver for employees:

Credit limit: 

  • Take up to eight university course credit hours per semester.

  • Maximum of 16 credit hours per academic year (including summer session).

If class  is scheduled during work hours: 

  • Prior approval must be granted by the employee's supervisor and the appropriate forms completed.

  • May take up to three credit hours during working hours without being required to make up the time, if the course will enhance job-related skills or knowledge. 


  • Waiver includes tuition only

  • Course fees other than tuition, such as lab, supply or technology fees, student activity or health center fees, and books etc. are the student’s responsibility.

Tuition waiver for spouse and dependent children:

  • There is no credit limit for an employee's spouse and/or dependent children.

  • The age limit for dependent children is age 23.

  • The tuition value of graduate classes taken by spouses and dependent children is added to the employee’s gross income and taxed as if it were regular earnings.