Total Compensation Project Update

Human Resources

April 19, 2019

Revised timeline
The original estimated timeline for the completion of the total compensation project that included market analysis and pay equity review for staff, faculty and executives and a UA benefits review did not reflect the extreme complexity of the project. The revised timeline anticipates finishing the market analysis and pay equity analysis by June 2019. The benefits review has been completed.

Pay Equity Update
Employees identified as having an inequity through the pay equity study will be contacted following the conclusion of the pay equity analysis. HR will develop standard systemwide practices and procedures, and training on compensation and pay equity best practices, to ensure consistency going forward.

Faculty Market Analysis Update
Faculty positions have been reviewed according to industry standard Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes for each discipline and their rank against College University Professional Association (CUPA) faculty market survey. A group of peers was identified for each campus and all faculty positions were compared to them within the market. HR is currently finalizing non-represented faculty (FR/FN) market matches.

Staff Market Analysis Update
All job family levels have been benchmarked to CUPA salary surveys (Admin, Prof, and Staff). Currently, the market matches are being reviewed by subject matter experts to validate the matches. The unexpected complexity of this primarily manual task has led to a longer than expected review timeline.

Executive Market Analysis Update
The market analysis has been completed by HR and the next step is to conduct a pay equity review. 

As the market analysis is completed for faculty, staff and executives an individual letter will be sent to all employees outlining the market analysis process and how it was applied to their specific position. Once reviews are completed, legally allowable data will be available upon request.

More information and FAQs can be found on the project website