Options to complete your biometrics screening

UA employees, spouses or financially interdependent partners who are currently on the UA Choice Plan have several options to complete their biometric screenings. A biometric screening is one of the requirements to be eligible for the $600 wellness rebate. 

Biometric screenings not only let you know your numbers (e.g. weight, cholesterol, blood sugar levels) and give you a snapshot of your current health, they could also catch early indicators of more serious health conditions. Screening appointments must be scheduled online using the link below. Additional up-to-date information regarding the screenings is also posted on the UA benefit/wellness site. Remember, in order to qualify for the rebate you must also take your Personal Health Assessment (PHA) also available on the PreventionCloud website.

Option 1 Physician Visit Form

  1. Complete the HIPAA Release Online Form (required).

  2. Click ‘Form Download’ below and print a copy to take to your physician visit.

  3. Make sure you or your provider submits the form to PreventionCloud. See Page 1 of your Physician Visit Packet for the 3 ways you can submit your packet.

  4. You will get credit/points for both the biometric screening and an annual wellness exam.

Option 2 Onsite Screening in Anchorage and Fairbanks. At the present time, the December biometric screenings are full. There will be more sessions in 2020.

  1. Select "Events" tab on your left menu bar.

  2. Find 'Onsite Wellness Screenings' and select 'View More' (if you do not see this event yet it is because there are not any Onsite Screenings available to register for yet).

  3. Find the event and the location you would like to register for and select ‘Join’.

  4. Select the date and time you would like to complete your onsite screening.

Option 3 Lab Voucher for employees in Anchorage and Fairbanks

  1. Copy & paste the following link to download your Lab Voucher - http://preventioncloud.com/documentmanagement/documentmanagement/downloads/MTIzNQ%3D%3D

  2. Your lab voucher facility will submit your form and information to PreventionCloud 2 weeks after the visit. 

Questions about the wellness program? 

  • Contact Victoria Carver, our dedicated program manager from Zomo Health/PreventionCloud at (907) 450-8203, or by e-mail at victoria.c@zomohealth.com.

How to access your account on PreventionCloud.com:

  • Log on to PreventionCloud.com using your username of your FIRSTNAMELASTNAMEBIRTHYEAR (all caps, no spaces) and your default password is your birthday in MMDDYYYY format.

  • For example:  Walter Smith Jr. born in 1962 would be WALTERSMITHJR1962 for his username, and 01131962 for his password, which he'll be prompted to change to something else.

  • Single sign on for employees is coming soon! When activated, employees will use their UA credentials to log in. Spouses and FIPs will continue using the PreventionCloud log in.