Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge starts Nov. 20

Sometimes being healthy isn’t about losing a bunch of weight or dropping 4 dress or pant sizes. Sometimes all we really need to do is just stay right where we are. 

That’s the goal of our Maintain Don't Gain Challenge! This is the favorite wellness challenge for UA health plan members. This six-week challenge will last from Thanksgiving through New Year’s – weigh in on November 20th and again on January 7th. 

You don’t need to run mile upon mile. You don’t need to stop eating for a week. Instead, participants are encouraged to simply maintain their weight, lose, or gain less than 3 pounds over the holidays. Enjoy the holidays, but with moderation in mind. This challenge helps you stay mindful of how you celebrate and avoid the temptation of overindulging on tasty holiday treats. Start your new year off in the right way! Plus, you’ll be better prepared to avoid temptation in the future!

Join your fellow employees in the program by logging in to PreventionCloud and start earning points! Log in instructions are on our wellness page and registration for this challenge is open. Spouses and FIPs enrolled in the health plan are eligible.

Questions about the Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge or the wellness program? Contact Victoria Carver, our dedicated program manager from Zomo Health/PreventionCloud at (907) 450-8203, or by e-mail at