Supervisor Excellence and Leadership Skills Series

The University of Alaska's Employee Assistance Program through Deer Oaks is offering the Supervisor Excellence and Leadership series this year. These are a series of important topics designed to provide managers and supervisors with enhanced skills that can help them improve the morale, motivation and productivity of their employees.

These series are available to all supervisors, managers and other interested employees. Please register through the links below (you can sign up for any or all of them). If you register and are unable to attend at the scheduled time, you'll receive a link to the recording.

Leadership Certificate Series: 

A series of important topics designed to provide supervisors, managers, and other interested employees with enhanced skills to improve workplace morale, employee motivation, and staff productivity. Register to attend and/or get the recording. Supervisors that attend all four sessions either live or via recording will receive the Deer Oaks 2020 Leadership Certificate. Download the flyer here.

How to Build a Strong Team
This important presentation is designed to provide managers and supervisors with practical strategies for building a strong team environment for their staff. The session will discuss the barriers to creating a positive team environment, the basics of working effectively with different personalities, generations, etc., and several communication approaches that are important for strengthening relationships among team members.

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How to Become a More Effective Manager
This important session provides a comprehensive overview of the management and leadership skills necessary to be a manager that can effectively motivate and engage a work team. The skills that will be covered in this class include employee relationship development, teambuilding, coaching, performance management, and conflict resolution.

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Presentation Skills for Supervisors
This practical presentation is designed to provide an overview of the basic elements necessary to give effective presentations. The topics to be covered include developing your message, interacting effectively with your audience, and how to prepare for delivering your message.

Recording link: https://attendee.gotowebinar. com/recording/ 5603901113038705158

Emotional Intelligence for Supervisors
Our emotions can bring us joy and happiness, but also pain and frustration if we don’t manage them well. This important presentation discusses the steps necessary for supervisors to build and maintain a balanced emotional life at work to improve relationships with employees and achieve greater levels of success as a leader.

Recording link: https://attendee.gotowebinar. com/recording/ 885542677520523536

Supervisor Excellence Series:
A series of important topics designed to provide managers and supervisors with enhanced skills that can help them to improve the morale, motivation, and productivity of their employees. This series is available to all supervisors, managers, and other interested employees and does not count toward your organization’s training hour bank. Download the flyer here

Advanced Communication Skills that Improve Employee Motivation
This practical session will cover several advanced interpersonal skills that can help managers to strengthen relationships with employees in order to improve their motivation. The skills to be covered include identifying the needs of individual employees, empathic listening, strategies to use in coaching conversations, and ways to provide effective employee recognition. 

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Successful Approaches to Difficult Employee Conversations
In today’s stressful world, managers find themselves having many rushed, ineffective conversations that compromise the quality of their relationships with their employees. This timely presentation covers choosing the best times to engage in difficult discussions, the right mindsets to embrace in preparation, and communication techniques that ensure better outcomes.

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Maintaining Effective Communication Channels
This important session will discuss several practical approaches to maintaining consistent two-way communication with your team – as a group and with each individual employee.
Recording link: https://attendee.gotowebinar. com/recording/ 4763424529316904966

Advanced Coaching Skills for Leaders
Research shows that employees are more motivated and productive when their supervisor utilizes a collaborative coaching approach during their day-to-day interactions. This practical presentation will review the communication skills necessary to have effective coaching interactions, and discuss using a collaborative coaching approach in key situations including assigning work, managing performance, solving problems, etc.
Recording link: https://attendee.gotowebinar. com/recording/ 6343275405886602508