Know your numbers and why they matter

The second in-person wellness class, “Know Your Numbers and Why They Matter,” is open for registration. This class will discuss cholesterol levels, healthy vs. unhealthy fats, blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI, and why it all matters in the first place. 

  • When: Monday, Dec. 9, 2019

  • Time: 3-4:30 p.m.

  • Where: IARC Room 401, University of Alaska Fairbanks campus

Those who are unable to attend in person will have the option to view the presentation via webinar. This webinar will be available through PreventionCloud under Quick Links at the time of the class and will remain on PreventionCloud for 1 week, until Monday, Dec. 16. 


  • Log on to

  • Click on Events

  • Select “Know Your Numbers and Why They Matter” In-Person Class

  • Click Join

  • Type in your contact phone number and select the date and time provided in the drop-down menus. 

For those attending in person, there will be a sign in sheet provided at the front of the class. Please sign in! This is how you will receive credit. Walk-ins are welcome. 

Those attending via webinar, please ensure you are watching the class on your account. This will ensure your attendance is recorded and you receive proper credit. Those attending via webinar do not have to register for the class. 

Attend this class or watch online and receive 1 point toward your health care contribution rebate up to $600 and the high-point raffle. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your points to be added to PreventionCloud. 

How to access your account on

  • Log on to using your username of your FIRSTNAMELASTNAMEBIRTHYEAR (all caps, no spaces) and your default password is your birthday in MMDDYYYY format.
  • For example:  Walter Smith Jr. born in 1962 would be WALTERSMITHJR1962 for his username, and 01131962 for his password, which he'll be prompted to change to something else.

  • Single sign on for employees is coming soon! When activated, employees will use their UA credentials to log in. Spouses and FIPs will continue using the PreventionCloud log in.

Questions about the wellness program? Contact Victoria Carver, our dedicated program manager from Zomo Health/PreventionCloud at (907) 450-8203, or by e-mail at