Message from CHRO: FY21 Compensation information

Dear UA Colleagues,

I would like to share updated information about compensation for University of Alaska employees. I thank you all for your hard work and dedication through these difficult times and your commitment to the university.  

1 Percent Pay Increase
The University of Alaska Board of Regents recently approved a budget that provides for a 1 percent pay increase for university employees. That means on July 5, 2020, the first pay period in Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21), most regular university employees (faculty and staff) and adjunct faculty will receive a 1 percent increase to their base salary. Conditions for pay increases for represented employees are specified in their respective CBAs. Temporary and student employees will not receive this increase. For the 166 executives and academic leaders currently under a temporary furlough for FY21, the compensation increase will be applied to the base pay for FY21. Employees under COVID furlough will receive the 1 percent increase when they resume active employment.

Market Study Adjustment
Given the university‚Äôs current budgetary constraints, the Board of Regents agreed with the recommendation not to proceed with the second phase of the three-phase compensation adjustment that commenced in FY20. While this cost-savings action is unfortunate, HR will continue to assess and monitor the salary level of our employees relative to comparative peers. If in the future, the Board of Regents deems it appropriate to resume the market adjustment, we will be ready to do so.

Annual Leave Accrual and Cash-in
There will be no change to our current policies and procedures for annual leave accrual and cash-in. Each year, during the transition to the new fiscal year, annual leave is rolled over.  Employees may carry over a limit of 240 hours into the new fiscal year; any balance over this amount is forfeited. Employees may cash-in up to 40-hours of annual leave once per fiscal year. If you would like to cash-in leave for FY20, HR must receive the request by June 21. These policies are available at benefits/leaves/.

Personal Holiday
Regular exempt and nonexempt staff will continue to be granted a personal holiday. Personal holidays may be taken at the employee's discretion when approved in advance by the appropriate supervisor. Personal holidays must be taken by the end of the fiscal year and may not be taken during the pay period which includes July 1. 

Please direct any questions to for compensation or market study adjustment questions and for annual leave and cash-in questions.

Steve Patin
Chief Human Resources Officer