UA On-Site Biometric Screenings will be held in Fairbanks and Anchorage

UA employees in Fairbanks and Anchorage will have an opportunity for on-site biometric screenings in early December. These screenings are available to all employees, spouses and financially interdependent partners who are enrolled in the UA Choice health plan.

University of Alaska Anchorage campus
When: 7:30-11:30am, Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 10-11 
Where: University Lake Building (ULB) Room 104

University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus
When: 7:30-11am, Thursday and Friday, Dec. 12-13
Where: Butrovich Building 109 

Additional on-site biometric screening events at these and other locations will be scheduled in the spring semester.

The biometric screening will allow you to not only see your numbers and get an idea of your current health, but it will also count as the required biometric portion of this year’s incentive plan. Appointments must be scheduled online and you can access using the link below. All up-to-date information regarding the screenings is also posted on the UA benefit/wellness site. Remember to take your Personal Health Assessment (PHA), the other required component of the incentive plan.

Questions about the wellness program? 

  • Contact Victoria Carver, our dedicated program manager from Zomo Health/PreventionCloud at (907) 450-8203, or by e-mail at

How to access your account on

  • Log on to using your username of your FIRSTNAMELASTNAMEBIRTHYEAR (all caps, no spaces) and your default password is your birthday in MMDDYYYY format.
  • For example:  Walter Smith Jr. born in 1962 would be WALTERSMITHJR1962 for his username, and 01131962 for his password, which he'll be prompted to change to something else.