Biometric Screening Update

 After much discussion and deliberation, the decision has been made to make biometric screening OPTIONAL for this program year. 
Those of you who have not received a biometric screening will not be required to do so in order to qualify for the healthcare contribution rebate or the high point raffle. 
However, you will still need to earn 7 points (including the completion of the online health risk assessment) before the program deadline of June 30, 2020 to qualify for your healthcare contribution rebate up to $600. 
Some activity options to replace biometric screening:
  • Watch the online webinars. 4 webinars = 1 point and there are 17 webinars available for viewing. This means that you can earn a total of 4 points for this activity. Webinars can be found under "Quick Links" on your PreventionCloud dashboard. 
  • Schedule a coaching session. 2 coaching sessions = 1 point and these can be done over the phone so you can continue to practice social distancing safety protocols and recommendations. Telephonic coaching sessions can be scheduled through "Events" on your PreventionCloud dashboard. 
  • Complete the tobacco-free attestation form. If you are not a tobacco user, fill out this form online and click submit for a quick and easy point. The tobacco-free attestation form can be found under "Activities" on your PreventionCloud dashboard. 
Thank you so much for your understanding during this time. If you have any questions contact,  Victoria Carver, MPH, CPH at 

(907)450-8203 or