Have you met all the FY19 wellness rebate requirements?

April 17, 2019


The FY19 Wellness Deadline is now less than 2 weeks away: April 30th! 

Any employee, spouse/FIP currently on the UA Choice Plan has until 4/30/19 to complete all of the FY19 requirements. Doing this will give you the $600 wellness rebate next year.

Go to the UA benefits/wellness page for links to log-in to your Healthyroads account. View the current program year within the ‘Incentives’, ‘Plan Summary’ page. Both progress bars need to be at 100% by 4/30/19.

Same as with FY18, biometric results will determine what requirements you will have to complete for the FY19 program.

Biometrics must have been completed within the dates of 5/1/17—4/30/18 to be considered for the metrics and everyone will fall into one of three scenarios:

1. You completed biometrics during FY18 and you met the biometric metrics provided
        Complete a Personal Health Assessment (PHA)
2. You completed biometrics during FY18 but did not meet the biometric metrics provided
         Complete a Personal Health Assessment (PHA), Biometric Screening, and earn 5 points
3. Did not complete biometrics during FY18
         Complete a Personal Health Assessment (PHA), Biometric Screening, and earn 5 points 

Here is how to complete the PHA, get a biometric screening, and what options are left for your 5 points: 

Personal Health Assessment (PHA)
       Select the PHA from the top of the ‘Plan Summary’ list to complete.
Biometric Screening
      Complete with your doctor
      Complete at a local LabCorp (locations only in Fairbanks/Anchorage)
      UAA Student Health & Counseling Center may also complete for employees

Earn 5 points:

Monthly physical activity
Tobacco Attestation
          1 point max
          Attest to being tobacco-free by selecting this option from the ‘Plan Summary’ page
Local Wellness or Sporting Event Attestation
          1 point max
          Attest to completing some sort of wellness activity by selecting this option from the ‘Plan Summary’ page
Retrofit Attestation
         5 points max
         Must be enrolled in the Retrofit program and your coach will provide details to earn your points.
Online Classes
        4 points max (32 classes total)
        Click on from ‘Plan Summary’ page to view classes. Complete sets of 8, including each corresponding quiz. (ONE line item = ONE class)
Onsite Education Class Attestation
         All recordings are available on the secondary UA benefits/wellness page
         1 point each; 4 points max
Annual Wellness Visit
          Populates from monthly Premera data feeds.* 
          1 point max
Adult Immunization Attestation
         Attest to receiving some sort of immunization by selecting this option from the ‘Plan Summary’ page
         1 point max
Annual Dental Exam
       Populates from monthly Premera data feeds.
       1 point max
Annual Vision Exam
      Populates from monthly VSP data feeds. 
      1 point max

*If a point from a Premera feed has not populated ~1 month after your exam, email the explanation of benefits (EOB) or a receipt to Sara to get it updated!

Anything else regarding the wellness program, please contact Sara directly at either: 907-450-8203 or sararo@ashn.com.

Please keep in-mind that this is a busy time of year but Sara WILL get back in-touch with you and respond to all inquiries as quickly as she can.