Health challenge: ABC’s of healthy eating

University of Alaska employees and spouses/FIPs enrolled in the UA Choice health plan are invited to participate in the ABC’s of Healthy Eating challenge. 

The objective of the challenge is to encourage healthy eating habits by selecting a healthy item each day starting with each letter of the alphabet beginning with A and ending with Z. Try a new food item, spice or herb that you have never tried before and it may soon become one of your favorites! The food selections can be either a fruit, vegetable, legume, protein, healthy fat, spice, herb, or other commonly known healthy food item. 

All spouses/FIPs enrolled in the UA Choice health plan can also participate in this challenge. This challenge is held Oct. 3- 28, 2019. Participants who log their food item for all 26 days will receive one point towards their $600 Health Care Contribution Rebate and High Point Raffle. If you sign up after Oct. 3, you can log your entries for previous days too.

To participate sign up on

Instructions for logging in:

Log on to using your username of your FIRSTNAMELASTNAMEBIRTHYEAR (all caps, no spaces) and your default password is your birthday in MMDDYYYY format.

So for example, Walter Smith Jr. born January 13, 1962 would be WALTERSMITHJR1962 for his username, and 01131962 for his password, which he'll be prompted to change to something else.

The full program manual is available on the dashboard, or you can find it here to guide you through the program.