A Message from CHRO McGee: Performance Evaluations

Dear University Staff,

I am pleased to announce improvements to the online tool for required annual performance evaluations. The myUA performance review form has been streamlined and updated with easy to follow instructions. The format of the review process engages supervisors and employees to discuss expectations and provides coaching and support to align individual goals with the department and the University of Alaska.

If you already have started a review for this fiscal year (FY19), you can either finish that review or initiate a new one using the new format. If you start a new one, you will need to manually transfer information previously entered on an in-process review to the new form.

If you are a supervisor, select the “NEW Supervisor Performance Review” to start a new review process. Employees with no supervision responsibilities in their position description will use the “NEW Non-supervisor Performance Review” to start their review.

A training schedule is available with both in-person and online instruction at https://alaska.edu/hr -- What’s New -- “Campus” Professional Development Course Calendar.

Please note: archived scores are not currently available for reviews started prior to February 1 where ratings were given, due to a system issue that is being fixed. This will not affect the NEW Supervisor and NEW Non-supervisor review processes. A communication will be shared once the issue is fixed.  

New Features

  1. Fewer steps - employee and supervisor are able to input performance goals and development plans together at the start of the cycle.  
  2. Job duties will auto-populate in the review.
  3. Automatic staff review initiation at the start of the fiscal year - beginning in FY20.

Job Duties and Job Competencies
Performance is based on two factors - job duties and job competencies. Both are critical to long-term employee effectiveness.

  1. Job Duties - WHAT the employee is hired to do.
  2. Job Competencies - HOW effectively the employee completes the job duties.

Goal Setting, Performance Phase, and Review End Evaluation
The performance evaluation process comprises three parts:

  1. Discuss job duties, competencies and establish performance period goals.
  2. Meet and document mid-cycle conversations between supervisor and employee on goals and competencies.
  3. Achievement assessment is completed by the both employee and their supervisor.

UA Goal - 100% of Employees Receive an Annual Review
Per Regent’s policy and regulation P/R04.07.030. Performance Evaluation:
       The performance of each employee will be evaluated annually...

Evaluations are due no later than fiscal year end (June 30). Supervisors are responsible for ensuring evaluations are completed for their team and is a component of the supervisor performance review process. As long as you have one review completed this fiscal year (FY19), you will meet the annual requirement. If a situation warrants an exception to using the myUA online performance review (i.e. field research, limited internet accessibility) it will be the responsibility of the supervisor to work with the employee to set goals and upload a paper version of the review in myUA. Final employee acknowledgment and tracking of the review completion will be completed online.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact:

We look forward to assisting you and your team.

Keli Hite McGee
Chief Human Resources Officer